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OS X El Capitan Upgrade Hangs

Just like it did when I upgraded from OS X Mavericks to OS X Yosemite a year ago, attempting an upgrade from OSX Yosemite to OSX El Capitan hung again in the same nondescript manner - a blank/empty screen with the pointer, for seemingly infinite period.

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Writing a simple Kudu Java API Program

This post is about using Apache Kudu service, via its Java API interface, in a Maven-based Java project.

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Checking out a git branch when multiple remotes (repos) are involved

When you are dealing with a local git repository which has multiple remotes defined (i.e. has multiple remote repositories possibly carrying the same branches, such as multiple forks), then the right way to checkout a working branch from one of them is to use the below syntax:

git checkout -b master remote-name/master
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