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Duplicating a tab in Safari

If you are an Apple Safari user, you may have noticed that it lacks a duplicate tab feature (such as the one in Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome, when you right click a tab area).

While it would be nice to have this added directly into Safari, you can use the following key combination to duplicate tabs currently:

  1. Open/Visit the tab you want to duplicate
  2. Hit the combo: ⌘ Command+L followed by ⌘ Command+↵ Return

How this works:

  • The first combo selects the location bar in Safari, whose implicit behaviour is also to select the entire current text inside it.
  • The second combo asks Safari to open the current location text in a new tab instead of the current tab.
  • Together, these help you duplicate an open tab’s link into another new tab.

P.s. This technique will not result in the duplicated tab carrying the history of previous pages as it does in Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. It merely opens the current page in a new tab.